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A Native American (Iroquois) from Grand Island, NY, I hold dual UK/USA citizenship and graduated with a 1st class Film BA from Cornwall’s Falmouth University. Since 2008 I have edited and written for OnScreen magazine. In 2022, an essay of mine will be published in Dan Koboldt’s PUTTING THE FACT IN FANTASY

by Penguin Random House.


My writing is inspired by my meanderings around the Cornish coast, the Scottish Highlands, the English countryside, European travels, and wherever else I'm fortunate enough to live and explore. I have an affinity for abandoned mines, prehistoric ruins that aren’t flanked by gift shops, and anything in our world that just might be a portal to another. I have a husband (Scottish) and a daughter (the cutest). 

Some of my favourites: JRR Tolkien, Simon R. Green, Scott Lynch, Laini Taylor, Kazuo Ishiguro, Diana Gabaldon, ATONEMENT, THE LOVELY BONES, DANCES WITH WOLVES, folklore & mythology, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Taylor Swift, Final Fantasy, Infocom games, Zelda, Journey (by Thatgamecompany), Withnail & I, classic Top Gear, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, The Witcher, Breaking Bad, Anne of Green Gables, Sex & the City, Labyrinth,

Guillermo del Toro films, The Red Turtle, Silence of the Lambs, Romancing the Stone,

and anything with Gary Oldman.

I grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure and D&D books, computer & video games, riding my bike, exploring the woods behind our house, and dreaming of other worlds and the beings from them that visit ours.

Last but not least, I’m here and doing what I do because of Jesus.

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