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Adult contemporary fantasy for fans of V.E. Schwab's worldbuilding, Scott Lynch's tone, and the wistfulness of del Toro's The Shape of Water. 112,000 words.


Luma Grey will never find peace until she purges her skull of the creature living inside. He’s invaded her sight during her most fervid attempts at success, from schmoozing a London film director to chatting up her exquisite head of department. But when she descends an abandoned Cornish mine for an award-winning photo op, the creature does more than flood her vision with unwelcome imagery: he sings.


Following the siren’s song down the mine, Luma crosses over to his homeland, Eidolia—a parallel Earth—where he maroons her. Despite achieving sovereignty of her head, Luma’s quest for normal looks hopeless when she learns that the wall between realms has been sealed for decades, and somehow, still is.


While she marvels at the rainbow of Eidols who once frequented the humanlands and inspired its folklore, their iron-poor realm battles an iron-hungry enemy. Luma may be key to reopening the wall, but her blood makes her a target, a threat, and apparently, an omen of ruin.


Aided by a capricious but cunning cockatrice whose family is trapped in the humanlands, Luma is determined to find and confront the siren responsible for branding her a pariah in not one but two realms. But first she must prove to Eidolia that she’s no death knell come to trigger their extinction.


Unless, of course, she is.

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YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist (YA OUTLANDER meets NEVER LET ME GO), for fans of Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo. Inspired by the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, my husband's Scottish clan history, and my explorations of abandoned London Underground stations and the Scottish Highlands. 93,000 words.

In 2138, 18-year-old apprentice historian Bryn MacBride makes a discovery in the ruins outside town that could change her commune’s future: an underground door. An entrance to the London Underground, contaminated and forgotten after a magical disaster destroyed the city. After five years of working beside her best friend and mentor Thomas, Bryn’s sure this will secure her a place in their history books. But hours after informing Thomas, Bryn finds their research office ablaze, with Thomas inside.


Days before, Thomas had made his own discovery, that their idyllic artisan commune Cimmersea was built on a dark secret. Desperate to protect Thomas’s work from a council who would silence truth to protect their privileged lifestyle, Bryn flees to the Underground, eventually emerging outside Cimmersea’s borders—in the year 1692.


Seeking answers among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, Bryn must untangle Cimmersea’s sinister link to the past while questioning everything her beloved mentor believed. But the bloody Glencoe Massacre looms, giving Bryn a choice: bring help back to a future that could imprison her, or leave her legacy in a breathtaking past that tempts her to defy all they held sacred.

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YA fantasy for fans of Laini Taylor, Rachel Vincent, and Holly Black. 86,000 words.

18-year-old Elowen has learned to bury her strange truth, despite longing for someone to accept it. In every dream she’s ever had, she’s seen through the eyes of Storie, a succubus whose peaceful race in the realm called Eidolia is nothing like human folklore describes. This troubling disorder splintered her family, so Elowen's told no one else—not even best friend Brie. But when the dreams force her to sleep, hinting at tragedy striking Storie, Elowen’s caught between seeking Brie’s help … or believing that just maybe Storie is real, and in danger.

Before Elowen gets a chance to finally confide in Brie, their last seaside summer together is cut short when an Eidolian tattoo appears on Elowen’s scalp, followed by the emergence of flesh-and-blood Eidol beings around the globe. Worldwide panic blooms, and possessing a visible link she can’t explain, Elowen flees her Cornish hometown and makes a shocking discovery.

Elowen was Storie. Eighteen years ago she became a changeling, sacrificing her first life to take over a dying human child's body on a mission vital to Eidolia’s peace. With fragmented memories and desperation to halt the spreading chaos, Elowen must resume Storie’s mission—even if it means risking the only human friendship she’s ever known.

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Short Stories

A short, published under the name C.L. Campbell, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology, a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some talented author friends like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it's available now.

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Sapphira Rising
Adult space fantasy. Romancing the Stone in space meets Final Fantasy for fans of Simon R. Green's DEATHSTALKER series, THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS, and Scott Lynch.