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Romancing the Stone in space meets Final Fantasy, for fans of THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS, EMILY WILDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FAERIES, and the dual timelines of the GENTLEMAN BASTARDS series. Adult fantasy, 110k words.


Publishing best-selling novels under a secret pseudonym is Sapphira Wisheart’s only escape from her isolation as daughter of the galactic empire’s ruling family. In Sapphira’s childhood, her mother decreed that leadership would eventually transfer to the senate instead of Sapphira. But Sapphira’s still shackled by round-the-clock bodyguards, confinement to the capital city of Dachai, and the scars left by her family’s lack of belief in her to lead. Writing is her only outlet, but living vicariously through her galaxy-hopping heroine Cilla Ryzen can’t prepare Sapphira for the rebel underground staging an attack that leaves senators and her mother dead—and Sapphira framed.


Fleeing the scene, Sapphira chases the only person in Dachai not trying to arrest her: the man who pulls her from the wreckage and leads her into the cockpit of an outlawed starskimmer he pilots for his black-market shuttle service. Galen may or may not have rebel links—or basic manners—but he’s her only ticket out of the capital, to regroup and devise a way to meet the rebel underground’s demand: cough up a Wisheart heirloom Sapphira’s never heard of, or Dachai will be leveled.


When the pair crash-land on an archaic and magical planet with links to both Sapphira’s late grandfather and Galen, Sapphira must draw on the worldly confidence she’s only ever written about to navigate the wilds with her maddeningly enigmatic companion. As she pieces together her grandfather’s last steps and the truth of the heirloom, she considers the cost of handing it to her family's enemies—all while wrestling an even darker mystery: Who is Galen, really, and what does he truly want from her? To answer this, Sapphira must first gain the trust of the one whose belief she’s needed most: herself.



(formerly known as: A SONG OF NEVERSEA)

Rachel Vincent's MENAGERIE and Amazon's The Legend of Vox Machina meets WAYWARD CHILDREN and Labyrinth. Adult fantasy, 117k words.

It’s hard to lead a normal life—the kind with friends, lovers, and a career—with a siren living in your head. He’s sabotaged Luma Grey’s most pivotal moments for thirteen years, leaving her a misfit stumbling from one failure to the next. While photographing a Cornish mineshaft, she hears him sing aloud for the first time. Pent-up frustration sends her chasing his song, only to emerge in magic realm called Eidolia. There he abandons her, further than ever from normal.


Prince Simon expected nothing of the fool’s errand his father ordered—a quiet banishment disguised as a “quest.” So when the powerless secondborn actually discovers a stray human, Simon suddenly has options. But the passages between realms have been mysterious sealed for years—with Eidolia blaming humans, who they claim are planning an eventual invasion. Bringing a human back to his father’s court, which considers Simon’s lack of magic the highest comedy, might be anything but victory.


Neither Simon’s inferiority complex nor Luma’s quest for normalcy matter to the Eidol court. They should find Luma a sign of hope to reunite with missing Eidols marooned in the humanlands since the passages shut. Instead, she’s despised as an omen of impending doom. And human invasion isn’t the only threat reawakened by Luma’s arrival, so Simon’s prize for bringing her to court is a spot on the frontlines against an ancient iron-hungry evil that smells human blood.


Fleeing with a landlocked kelpie and a chaotic-neutral cockatrice, Luma and Simon race to get Luma home. That means finding and facing the siren, and his reason for luring Luma to danger. Together the pair learn their true powers lie in facing what’s beyond their control, and the first step is in proving that the human Simon found is no death knell come to trigger Eidolia’s extinction.


Unless, of course, she is.

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Upper YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist (YA OUTLANDER meets NEVER LET ME GO), for fans of Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo. 93,000 words.

In 2138, 18-year-old apprentice historian Bryn MacBride makes a discovery in the ruins outside town that could change her commune’s future: an underground door. An entrance to the London Underground, contaminated and forgotten after a magical disaster destroyed the city. After five years of working beside her best friend and mentor Thomas, Bryn’s sure this will secure her a place in their history books. But hours after informing Thomas, Bryn finds their research office ablaze, with Thomas inside.


Days before, Thomas had made his own discovery, that their idyllic artisan commune Cimmersea was built on a dark secret. Desperate to protect Thomas’s work from a council who would silence truth to protect their privileged lifestyle, Bryn flees to the Underground, eventually emerging outside Cimmersea’s borders—in the year 1692.


Seeking answers among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, Bryn must untangle Cimmersea’s sinister link to the past while questioning everything her beloved mentor believed. But the bloody Glencoe Massacre looms, giving Bryn a choice: bring help back to a future that could imprison her, or leave her legacy in a breathtaking past that tempts her to defy all they held sacred.

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Upper YA/crossover fantasy for fans of Laini Taylor, Rachel Vincent, and Holly Black. 86,000 words.

Elowen has learned the hard way to bury her strange truth, despite longing for someone to accept it—to accept her, in spite of it. In every dream, every night, she sees through the eyes of Storie, a creature whose peaceful race in the realm called Eidolia is nothing like human folklore has painted them. But the utter weirdness of Elowen's vivid dreams splintered her family and shattered her first real relationship, so she's told no one else—not even best friend Brie. Yet with their last seaside summer together approaching, Elowen considers finally confiding in her. Until the Eidolian tattoo appears on her scalp.

Flesh-and-blood Eidol beings soon emerge around the globe, and worldwide panic blooms. Possessing a visible link she can't explain, with her footsteps haunted by shadows that hiss threats against Storie and any who'd help her, Elowen flees her Cornish hometown only to make a shocking discovery.

Elowen was Storie. Eighteen years ago she became a changeling, sacrificing her first life to take over a dying human child's body on a mission vital to Eidolia's peace. With fragmented memories and desperation to halt the spreading chaos—and protect Brie—Elowen must resume Storie's mission. Even if it means risking the only human friendship she's ever known.

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Short Stories



A short, published under the name C.L. Campbell, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology, a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some talented author friends like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it's available now.

A young Cornish woman is stuck in the family tradition of dowsing—not for water or minerals, but beings from Unearth. Dowsers extend their spirit to lasso the loathsome beings and send them away from the human realm. But to Liv, it’s a curse, not a gift, and before she starts a new life far from Cornwall, she dowses one last being, who holds a secret about Liv that changes everything she’s been brought up to believe.

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Free In The Knowledge

A short in the HOPE RIOT anthology, a collection of hopepunk SFF tales to bring a glimmer of light to a darkening and divisive world, also featuring Jessica Gunn, Dorothy Dreyer, Jody Neil Ruth, and Xan van Rooyen

Galen, a pilot running a black market off-world shuttle service, delivers a client whose mission is to self-destruct on landing, wiping out a village to fulfil a vendetta that puts Galen’s hard-earned cover and business in jeopardy, not to mention his life—but when he finds the young sole survivor of the blast, he faces the question of what vengeance will gain him, and what it will cost.

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There, There

A short in the INTO THE DARK WOOD horror anthology, a collection also featuring Jessica Gunn, Trish EsdenDorothy Dreyer, Jody Neil Ruth, and Xan van Rooyen. 

Sirens don’t just live in the sea. A young woman on holiday in Cornwall, England seeks refuge from the unseasonable spring heat in a fogou, or Cornish cave, where she encounters a childhood terror she’d thought she’d overcome.​

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