Write Motivation Mega-Post! May & June

Well, hello there, puffin!


Yes, it’s a gratuitous puffin, but he’s still adorable, isn’t he? I kinda lost the plot with the end of May’s #writemotivation as it was our first wedding anniversary (which also means it’s been over a year since I started participating in #writemotivation! Woohoo!). We flew up to Glasgow and took the train to Oban for a tour of Mull, Staffa, and Lunga (Inner Hebridean islands) for the express purpose of seeing puffins!

And that we did. I took over 200 photos of puffins, mostly from about 2-3 feet away. They’re absolutely adorable, and on Lunga, they practically nip at your toes. They’re the sweetest creatures I’ve ever seen, and I could’ve watched them for much longer than the 2 hours we had. The tour group (Turus Mara) call that part of the tour “puffin therapy” with good reason. It’s quite soothing to watch them waddling around and posing πŸ™‚ A lot of travel to see these little guys, but we’ve tried before on a different tour and failed, so this was well worth it!

We were away for 4 days and while I did get some writing done in that time, blogging about it didn’t happen. So I’m here to say, I *nearly* finished my goals. I had 2 for May, and the one I nearly finished was my first revision of my WIP. I finished the first draft in April, and I wanted to have a complete edit done in May. I fell about 4 chapters short, but I will have completed this by the end of tomorrow. I can live with that.


Fingal’s Cave, on the isle of Staffa. Fascinating place!

And on to my June #Writemotivation Goals:

1) Complete Revision #2 (paper revision) of WIP. The first pass this month was just to tidy up some nonsensical sections, fill in some gaps, and generally smooth it over. This time I need to crack down on back story and passive voice!Β I hope to print out my WIP in its entirety on Tuesday/Wednesday to get started. I’ve never done this before – never did it with my first MS (which may go some way to explaining its thus far lack of success).
2) Find 2 CPs/betas willing to read as soon as this revision is done! I believe I have two of these already πŸ˜€
3) Rewrite synopsis.Β This will be the last thing I do this month, after I’ve done Revision #2 and cleaned it up a bit.

I have high hopes for this month, despite the fact that I’ve got a rather large, exciting distraction for the last 2 weeks of the month. That means I need to work SUPER HARD for the first 2 weeks. We’ll give it a go.

A friend mentioned the Pomodoro Technique which I’d never heard of before, but I’ve certainly seen those little tomato kitchen timers enough. I downloaded a free app and I started it today. I work much better to a timer, I discovered, probably for purely psychological reasons. Check it out if you think you could use a bit of help with time management!

And good luck this month! πŸ˜€


McCaig’s Tower in Oban

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5 thoughts on “Write Motivation Mega-Post! May & June

    1. Thanks, Jamie πŸ˜€ I’m now slightly worried about June but I’m going to try to start getting up before the sun. YOU have many more challenges than I do right now – family & job!! So the fact that you get as much writing done as you do (and cheering, and blogging) is absolutely fantastic!

  1. I think May flee by for all of us. So I think you won May. June will be fun.
    I know I personally do a 20 min writing 10 minute break timer. I start at :00 -:20 break for ten start at :30-:50
    That’s how I write every time I write.
    I think if you make yourself go hell bent for leather for a given piece of time and reward yourself with a break, it can work wonders.
    So I really hope it works for you.
    I’m not sure how our times work out but I’m up around midnight until 2am here every night if you’re ever awake at that time lol


    1. That’s amazing that you stick to that method, every time! Very inspiring. I realized I do well with timed intervals when I started hanging out with the #BAMFWordBattle kids during NaNo this year πŸ˜‰ So I think this timer thing may be good for me.

      I think your midnight is about 6 a.m. for me (if you’re central?) Which would be an EXCELLENT time for me to be up writing. If I can get myself up at that time tomorrow, I’ll give you a shout πŸ™‚

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