Summer of ’12 wouldn’t make a catchy song title.

Neither would this weather go down in anyone’s good books, but it will have to do.

The UK had the wettest June on record, to go along with the coldest whatever on record and the wettest some-other-month (April?) on record. This year has been awful for weather in the UK, apart from the glorious week during my wedding which was 80+ degrees and stunning. All this has made it very hard to make decisions because–as I firmly believe–one needs to be in a good frame of mind (but not too good) for sound decision-making. In this case, where to live and what jobs to apply for.

Right now, my visa application (4th one) is sitting with the UKBA, as is my passport, so I’m unable to travel out of the country at the time when I most want to go back to my hometown in the U.S. and visit my family and enjoy the summer they’re getting, and this:

Red House Lake, Allegany State Park, New York

I will continuously rave about Allegany being my favourite place in North America and post endless photos I’ve taken there (apologies). {g}

I’ve been living in the UK for over 5 years now, and I have to say the summers have become less and less pleasant each year, which makes waiting for this visa more difficult.

Back to the job thing (this is a rambling post, can’t you tell?). There comes a point when you just want to settle down, if, like me, you’ve moved from apartment to house to apartment for years on end. I’ve moved 30 times now on last count, and I’m very eager (now that we’re married, as well) to buy a house, put nails in the wall and carpeting down that no one else has ever touched.

Unfortunately, as eager as we are to do this, a few more decisions need to be made. I’ve been job hunting since graduating in 2010, and it’s been a long, frustrating slog. Part of me just wants to write full-time (a very big part of me) but the practical side (aka my husband) says I need to start a pension and get a career under my feet before an agent sweeps me away and my best-sellers are flinging their way to Kindles everywhere. I’ve been looking for jobs in publishing, marketing, film, etc. where my writing/editing/admin/computer abilities will be best used, and have had to set aside some of my “dream jobs” (researcher for film, film editor), apart from writing (which is my heart’s truest dream, I would say, and always has been). These types of jobs don’t seem practical unless we relocate to London, which we’re not.

So I’m at that point where major decisions need to be made, but I’m finding it really hard when the sun isn’t showing its face for more than 10 minutes a day. How about you – are you affected by weather at all, whether good or bad? Do you feel like your emotions, decision-making, or motivation is impeded by external things or do you have a means of disregarding such things?

And the most ironic thing of all this is, despite this weather dragging us down and making it hard to decide whether to try to relocate – given that a relocation will put our house-buying further in the future, but might be better for us long-term – I want to move back up to Scotland. Where the winters are longer and the summers are nearly non-existant.

Why? Because I took it as a good omen that our wedding day was on the nicest, warmest day Scotland’s seen in about 500 years 😉

Done rambling, off to do some writing. Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July yesterday!

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4 thoughts on “Summer of ’12 wouldn’t make a catchy song title.

  1. my first 32 days in Germany (the last time around) was nothing but dreary! And yes, we were greatly affected by the weather. When all you see is grey and the skies spit on you constantly, I would say you get rather down. When I say spit, I mean the kind that is like a constant raspberry in your face. It might have been different if it were REAL rain. Even the torrential deluge we had for 4 days straight from our last round of Tropical Storm….but no, Germany spit on us, constantly. It should have been an indication on how our tour would turn out, which was a really crappy assignment. So, yeah, I feel you, Chy! I’ll send you some sunshine if I can! 😀

    1. Ha, that’s an *awesome* description, raspberry in your face! Here it’s a bit of that, but as you know, also the sideways kind that renders brollies useless. In writing this reply however, the sun has JUST made an appearance so I attribute that to you! 😉 Thanks!!

  2. If you *can* take a year off from work to write, do it. But work like a FREAK at it. It is almost impossible to make a living and it is SO easy to do other things. Spend half the time working on short pieces you can sell to make some money (non-fiction articles) and trying to find a regular market for them, and half the time working on a long term project (like a book).

    That’s what I’d do, anyway. 🙂 What do I know!

    1. More than me about it, I’m sure; that’s sound advice and I’ll gratefully take it! Now that I’m married ‘n stuff, we have to come to a team-based decision on this and a pension would be super nice. Right now I’m waiting to hear back from a few more, but my hope is to work like a freak at the writing every single day that I *don’t* have a day job yet. Make it full-time, from early morning til late night. As frustrating as the job market is, I’ve got to make the most of this time now because it won’t come again!

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