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Currently I have 3 completed manuscripts (1 adult fantasy, 2 YA fantasies), 1 published short story, and 1 adult WIP. Read more about them below.


A short, published under the name C.L. Campbell, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology, a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some talented author friends like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it’s available now.

Here’s a little trailer I had way too much fun making for the story:

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Adult fantasy for fans of the worldbuilding and tone of V.E. Schwab, Laini Taylor, and Scott Lynch. Was long-listed for the UK’s Adventures in Fiction 2016 Spotlight competition.

When photographer Luma Grey discovers that the otherworldly figures stalking her peripheral vision aren’t symptoms of madness but of a male siren’s song, she must track down the singer in a dying realm to regain control of her mind, and her life.

For years these distractions have sabotaged her relationships and career, and Luma’s signature move is run and start over. After a risky photoshoot in a Cornish mine, Luma hauls herself not from the seaside shaft, but a forest barrow. A barrow watched by the cockatrice Gildas, who—along with the rest of the realm called Eidolia—has waited decades for a human’s arrival.

Eidolia’s magic natives once frequented the humanlands, observing, inspiring, and imitating, until the wall between realms sealed without warning, trapping visiting eidols. Families were split, relationships sundered, and fear that humankind would destroy Eidolia began. Now, whispers spread: a harbinger of their demise has penetrated the still-sealed wall.

Some eidols want Luma dead, others as political leverage. With the secretive Gildas as her only ally, Luma just wants to escape her biggest catastrophe—until she learns that a siren sang to her through the wall for fourteen years, denying her a normal life. Determined to get answers—and maybe freedom and justice, too—Luma must find the siren and prove she’s no death knell come to trigger their extinction.

Unless, of course, she is.


YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist (PASSENGER and OUTLANDER meets NEVER LET ME GO).

It’s 2138, and the day Bryn MacBride unearths the underground shaft outside town should be the best day of her life. After five years as a fledgling historian in her isolated commune of Cimmersea, she’s finally made a discovery while apprenticed to best friend and mentor Thomas. But hours after informing him, Bryn returns to find their research headquarters burning to the ground. With Thomas inside.

Someone wanted him dead. Days before, Thomas had made his own discovery, that their idyllic town which rose from the ashes of London’s fall was built on a dark secret. Desperate to protect what remains of Thomas’s work from those who would silence truth, Bryn flees to the unearthed shaft. Below, in the forgotten London Underground, she encounters a history she never imagined—one tainted by contaminated magic—and emerges in 1692.

Seeking answers among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, she begins untangling Cimmersea’s sinister link to the past while questioning everything her hero believed. But the bloody Glencoe Massacre looms, giving Bryn a choice: bring proof of Thomas’s theory back to a future that could imprison her, or leave her legacy in a breathtaking past that tempts her to defy all they held sacred.


YA fantasy for fans of Laini Taylor and Holly Black.

Since birth, 18-year-old Elowen has harbored a secret she’s told only three times—even though sharing it with someone who doesn’t call her crazy and walk away is all she really wants. Because Elowen knows it’s unnatural to dream every night of a realm called Eidolia, and a succubus in it.

Storie of the eidols has been Elowen’s constant since childhood, as normal as beachcombing for sea glass or Cornish coastal walks. But after a dip in a forest pool, Elowen sees things with her waking eyes no one else can—including a tattoo on her scalp. And if she tells anyone this secret, even best friend Brie, she’ll be more than alone. She’ll be put away.

Soon, Elowen’s dreams cease. Storie disappears, but flesh-and-blood eidols appear worldwide, attacking humans, and Elowen fears she’s a conduit for a magical species more savage than she ever dreamed.

In Storie’s final appearance, she sends Elowen to a Cypriot necropolis, the last passage between their realms. There, Elowen learns the truth: she was Storie. She became a changeling, sacrificing her eidol life to inhabit an infant Elowen’s body so she might someday complete a mission for Eidolia. Now on the run, with her best friend in each realm under threat, Elowen must decide where her loyalty lies, and who her sacrifice was truly for.


Adult fantasy/space opera, ROMANCING THE STONE in space meets Simon R. Green’s DEATHSTALKER.

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