June & July #WriteMotivation Updates


Due to our mid-month trip to Western NY to visit family, and a week-long jaunt down to Disney World in Orlando (my first time, husband’s third. Ironic given he’s not from the U.S…), my goals were not *quite* reached for June. That’s okay! That’s what July is for! Right?

My husband began changing lyrics for just about every song to include my name. This one started it all a few years ago, and has become my theme song somehow...
My husband began changing lyrics for just about every song to include my name. This one started it all a few years ago, and has become my theme song somehow…

For June, my only Write Motivation goal was to finish revising my first paper draft of my WIP. I didn’t quite get there, but I hope to by the end of next week.

For July, my goals are:

1. Finish paper revision of WIP. I think I can get this done by the end of next week.
2. Read-through of revision changes. Hoping this only takes me a day. 
3. Send to 2 betas/CPs.
4. Beta reading for J & A. Working on this currently.
5. SOMEBODY new version x 5. This clearly needs refreshing as my last batch hasn’t been too successful, despite having much professional advice heaped upon me, and following said advice. It seems unless women’s fiction has paranormal elements, is straight-up pop-culture-laden chick lit, or has lots of sex, it doesn’t seem to be selling. At least, according to Publisher’s Marketplace. Anyone know different, feel free to get in touch 😉
6. Draft WIP synopsis. This will probably get pushed to August, but we’ll see.

And that’s it! I will be making the blog rounds soon and have already left a few comments and Tweets, but I am very behind! My apologies! 

Hop on over to K.T. Hanna’s blog to help her celebrate her Blog-iversary with the very generous prizes she’s offering! And stay tuned for my Western NY/Disney holiday recap, and an upcoming post on the things I miss most (as evidenced by this last trip to the States) about the U.S. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the fabulous weather if you’re in the UK! (and by fabulous, I do mean above 65 and not raining!).

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6 thoughts on “June & July #WriteMotivation Updates

  1. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time finding a niche for your book, that must be frustrating. Hopefully you’ll find just the right home for it soon.

    And you are going to ROCK July, just so ya’know ;).

    1. Thanks, Rebekah. I might try one more revamped query, one more round, and then if nothing happens, just leave it for awhile. It’s hard when you believe in something more and more to have it stall like this. It doesn’t make me believe in it less, but it does get frustrating.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time visiting.
    Life is always important and I know you can kick butt this month still with your goals.
    Keep it up – have a cookie!

  3. Great goals!

    You’ll find a home for your MS. I like your story. It was one of my favs in Query Kombat. It’ll come! I know it.

    Good luck on your goals! 🙂 You already rock.

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