July Write Motivation Wrap-Up

Where did July go? That was fast!

I didn’t finish all my goals, but I did pretty good. Here are the last two, modified:

2. Read-through of revision changes. This became, “Revise in entirety.” I’m going through, much quicker this time, catching silly errors and continuity problems, addressing a small laundry list of items to change. Still, being away for my birthday weekend kept me from getting as much done as I planned. Realistically, I hope to have this revision done by mid-August now. And then I’ll be able to do the following:
3. Send to 2 betas/CPs.

Birthday walk along the north Cornwall coast
Birthday walk along the north Cornwall coast

So it puts a bit of a wrench in my stated August goals, but I decided at the last minute to sign up for a LitReactor class for two weeks, starting last week, and that’s helping me with my revisions so I don’t mind the delay so much!

I signed up for their women’s fiction class a few months back but it was cancelled at the last minute, so I was excited to find this one – about making your prose leaner – as it’ll apply to both my current manuscripts. I’ll report back on how it went at the end! The instructor is lovely and encouraging and the other students all have such varied and fascinating stories to tell. Really enjoying it so far! (though I *am* behind…)

Hope all your goals went smoothly this month! Bring on August 🙂

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12 thoughts on “July Write Motivation Wrap-Up

    1. Thanks! I need allll the help I can get in the editing department. Been learning to cut a lot before this class, but I think this’ll help me learn to cut the *right* stuff.

  1. Oh that’s an excellent idea for a workshop! Sounds VERY useful. and in case I somehow missed it (It’s been a LONG month!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

  2. happy birthday! cake is good! i just finished a crit class that was so helpful. hope this one is just as helpful for you. can’t wait to hear about it. loved the b-day walk pic!

  3. Summer is a time to play….at least that’s what I wish for. You know, the days of childhood in between school sessions? You seem to be doing it right! 🙂 So, no worries for you. Enjoy the much appreciated sun you brought back from Florida because winter’s coming soon and that’s when you can hide in your writing cave and crack down on your edits! <3
    We're always here for you!

  4. The class on writing leaner prose sounds fun. I’ve found that writing tweet tales every day has really helped me with that. Trying to fit a story into 140 characters shines a great big light on where I waste words. Hope your revisions are going well!

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