July recap

I’m hoping tomorrow is a crazy productive day, because I didn’t quite reach all my #writemotivation goals for July. But I did have a birthday this past weekend, and 3 days away from everything was very welcome. I was busy climbing this:

The ridge back down from Snowdon in North Wales. We climbed up via the Watkin trail. Gorgeous!

So, on to the goals.

1. Finish new round of edits to MS #1.  Done.
2. MS #1 x5. Done.
3. Finish edits to WIP to Chapter 9. Not done. But instead, I spent a week this month mulling over needed changes, reading through CPs’ feedback, and did several pages of worldbuilding and plotting, with changes including MC’s age and disposition, eliminating other characters, and several completely new elements that have enabled me to – FINALLY on this story – see a complete path through all three acts. I no longer just have a vague idea of an ending. I have the whole thing mapped out. Now I can start constructing scenes with confidence! WOO! So I might not have edited everything, or written 10k (see #4) but I think I’ve written about 7k in preparation for the actual writing 😉 I call this a success.
4. Write 10k in WIP. Nope, but as above, I think it was better to sacrifice this goal for having a plot summary from start to finish! 
5. Balance job hunting with writing, CP/Beta work, and blogging. Be realistic! I took part in Authoress Anon’s CP dating service this month and exchanged emails with some fantastic writers, not all of whom I have had time to reply to yet 🙁 This frustrates me because I don’t like being slow with replying or sending feedback. So I’ve got to learn how to balance this better. I was more realistic this month than May though so that’s progress.

And as I mentioned on Twitter, Susan Dennard (author of SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY) has written a clear, simple method to attacking synopsis writing, and this was a lifesaver. It helped me write a 1-page synopsis for my first MS, but I also used it to finally finish a plot summary for my WIP. Thank you, Susan!

I learned some valuable lessons this month, about the UK Border Agency, patience, focusing on the now rather than tomorrow, and trusting God to do what I (or anyone else) cannot. I got my first interview in months for an opportunity I would love in a place I want to be. I had a birthday and my husband and I climbed the highest peak in England & Wales (still prefer Ben Nevis, highest peak in the UK, in Scotland, but Snowdon was still awesome) as well as another hill (Cadair Idris) in Snowdonia. I managed some light scrambling on a cliff edge in a cloud which always freaks me out but I did it sans panic attack 😉 I finished a set of revisions to my first MS and received two partial requests for pages from agents I respect.

Despite some of the downs, the ups were great and I’m thankful for a productive and fun July, and the friends who’ve been helping me to remember its better to be grateful for life’s blessings rather than focus on the negatives. Thank you 🙂 Hope your July has been productive and fun as well!

view from Snowdon


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6 thoughts on “July recap

  1. Wow! Sounds like an awesome month! Yeah, you didn’t get all your goals, but at the same time, you made HUGE strides in getting your story finished. And Agent requests? Definitely awesome! I’m not sure I could have handled a cliff edge in a cloud (scared of heights big time!). You are brave human being. Also, happy birthday. It sounds like it was a BLAST!

    Here’s to a successful July! 😀

    1. Thanks, Andrew! It was a really good month, and after two months of goals I think I may be getting a bit more of the hang of REALISTIC ones 😉 Better luck next time. I’ totally scared of heights, too. I used to love roller coasters (I can handle the tamer ones these days 😉 but it’s things like ferris wheels where I’m suspended in slow motion that do me in. I wasn’t very happy on the London Eye. But I do love views, and mountains are great for that. I think I was better off in the clouds during the scrambling….no sense of how close to danger I truly was 😉

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful pictures! I’m so jealous!! But happy you get to experience it! 🙂 Wish I were there. hehe.

    Also, I am so proud of you! You’ve done very well with your goals, despite life’s pressure. I am also very proud of you foe keeping your negativity in check. I’m always here for you!

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Hope to see more of you around. And good luck on your interview! Keep me posted!

    1. Anytime you’re back in the neighbourhood, we’ll go for a hike 😀 Thank you so, so much for your encouraging words and for listening. I cannot tell you how much you’ve helped me this month. I’m so grateful for you! 🙂 Interview was postponed but will be rescheduled, and I hope to be on and about more over the next few weeks. Trying to find my footing with discipline and scheduling, but when I get into a good routine, it’ll be much smoother 🙂

  3. OMG, what gorgeous photos! And what an experience!
    Congrats on the journey and on getting your plot mapped out. To me, that is always the hardest part.

    1. Thanks, Tam. YES. It totally is the hardest part for me, too. I’ve had my premise for my WIP in my head for months and months, and mapped out the first chapter. I sat down and wrote it so quickly and felt really good, and then the next few chapters followed on its heels. Then I got deeper into something but hadn’t a clue *what* precisely. Feels so much better to know where I’m going now 🙂

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