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My short story, RECKONER, (under the name C.L. Campbell) can be found in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology. This is a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some lovely author friends of mine like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it’s available NOW!

Here’s a little trailer I had way too much fun making for the story:

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A SONG OF NEVERSEA is adult epic fantasy, and was long-listed for the UK’s Adventures in Fiction 2016 Spotlight First Novel competition.

Photographer Luma Grey is certain the otherworldly creatures stalking her peripheral vision are symptoms of a slow-building madness. For years these distracting disturbances have sabotaged her relationships and career, and her signature move is run and start over—anything to prove she’s not a failure like the family that deserted her.

Desperation leads to a risky photoshoot in a Cornish mine. Luma thinks she’s escaped disaster until she hauls herself not from the seaside shaft, but a barrow in a strange wood. A barrow watched by the cockatrice Gildas, who’s waited decades for a human’s arrival.

Luma’s entered Eidolia, a realm whose magic natives once frequented the humanlands, observing, inspiring, and imitating. But then the wall between realms was sealed without warning, trapping visiting eidols in the humanlands. Families were split, relationships sundered, and the fear that humankind would destroy Eidolia began. And now, whispers spread of a human terrorist, a harbinger of their demise who’s penetrated the still-sealed wall.

Some eidols want Luma dead, others as a political bargaining chip. Luma just wants to escape her biggest catastrophe—until she learns the origin of her lifelong visions: a male siren’s song, sung through the wall to lure her here. Furious at being denied a normal life and determined to learn why, Luma flees imprisonment on Gildas’s back—despite his murky motives—and will seek out the siren and a way to stop running long enough to prove she’s no death knell come to trigger their extinction.

Unless, of course, she is.

 is YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist.

It’s 2138, and the day Bryn MacBride unearths the ladder descending into the ground of the ruins outside town should be the best day of her life. After five years as a fledgling historian in her isolated commune of Cimmersea, she’s finally made a discovery while apprenticed to best friend and mentor Thomas. But hours after informing him, Bryn returns to find their research headquarters burning to the ground. With Thomas inside.

Someone wanted him dead. Days before, he’d made his own discovery, that their idyllic town which rose from the ashes of London’s fall was built on a dark secret. Desperate to protect all that remains of Thomas’s work from those who would silence truth, Bryn flees to the ladder in the ruins. Below, in the forgotten London Underground, she encounters a history she never imagined, and emerges … in 1692.

Seeking answers among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, she begins untangling Cimmersea’s sinister link to the past while questioning everything her hero believed. But the bloody Glencoe Massacre looms, giving Bryn a choice: find a way to bring proof of Thomas’s theory to a future that could imprison her, or leave her legacy in a breathtaking past that tempts her to defy all they held sacred.

Current Works-in-progress:


SAPPHIRA RISING is adult space opera.

The Empire’s heir has never been allowed outside homeworld’s capital city, and her sheltered life has given way to her secret alter-ego: adventure novelist. When a terrorist attack devastates her mother’s court and kills the Empress, Sapphira escapes with the criminal mastermind behind an illegal off-world transport company for a chance at freedom  — if she can shake the blame for the attack that’s fallen on her head. But with freedom comes awareness of the corruption beyond her prison bars. And no steamy interplanetary plot device will deliver her from the destiny her family set in motion at the Empire’s conception. Romancing the Stone in space.


Some girls bury broken hearts in music and reckless nights, but 18-year-old Elowen chooses ink. A tattooed reminder to remain resilient, and keep her deepest secret to herself. Like everyone with whom she’s shared that secret, her ex Matthias called her crazy and walked away. But Elowen’s truth remains: every night, she dreams of a realm called Eidolia, and a woman in it—a gentle, courageous succubus named Storie.

Storie of the eidols has been Elowen’s constant since childhood, as everyday as beachcombing for sea glass or rainy coastal walks. But after plunging into a forest pool to avoid a humiliating encounter with Matthias and his new fling, Elowen sees things with her waking eyes no one else can—including a tattoo on her scalp. One she didn’t choose. And if she tells anyone this secret, she’ll be more than alone. She’ll be put away.

But then Storie disappears from Elowen’s dreams, and other eidols—beastly, bloodthirsty ones nothing like Storie—enter Elowen’s world. Eidol attacks on humans are reported across the globe, at ley-line intersections. When an eidol chases Elowen through the once-safe streets of Falmouth, Cornwall, she fears she’s a conduit for a magical species more savage than she ever imagined. Desperate to communicate with Storie and seek her help against the attacks, Elowen must face the cause of her lifelong loneliness and risk the closest thing she’s ever had to a sister—or her own freedom—before the world inside her breaks free from its weakening cage.

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  1. Is there a way to order your books? I can’t find it anywhere online. I am in the U.S., so I don’t know if that is affecting my ability to find it.

    1. Hi Kat!

      At this time, the only one of these that’s available to purchase is my short story, Reckoner, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology. I’ve just updated this page so there are links to Amazon for that story, as well as a trailer — but thank you so much for your interest, and keep your eyes peeled for more news! 🙂

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