Completed Novels:


A SONG OF NEVERSEA is adult fantasy, and was long-listed for the UK’s Adventures in Fiction 2016 Spotlight First Novel competition.

Eerie images have long plagued Luma Grey’s peripheral vision, the vague, evasive faces a secret irritant she’s learned to live with. In Cornwall, England on her latest fresh start, however, Luma finds the images intensifying. When they lead her to an abandoned mineshaft ideal for a photoshoot, she considers it the silver lining. But when she emerges, it’s not from a mine on the moor, but a barrow in an alien landscape. With no way back.

The fissures in the barrier between the human realm and this one have been sealed for decades, making Luma an ominous harbinger to the native races who once frequented humankind’s realm but are dying without access to it. Stranger still, Luma’s visions turn out to be an SOS from a male siren, who’s nowhere to be found. With her only allies a powerless sylph and a capricious cockatrice, Luma’s determined to find and convince the siren he’s called the wrong person — until she discovers her realm’s fate is tied to his.

For the first time in her life, there’s nowhere to run. Luma must decide between harbinger or hope-bringer — whichever role will keep her alive.

 is YA historical fantasy.

18-year-old historian Bryn MacBride stumbles upon the forgotten London Underground in 2165, which sends her to back to the year 1692. There she seeks her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands — just in time for the Glencoe Massacre. Ley lines link Bryn’s future to her family’s past and hold the key to the secret her best friend died to uncover. With her town’s origins at stake, Bryn faces a choice between sacrificing history as she knows it, and the future as she believes it could be.

Current WIPs:


SAPPHIRA RISING is space opera.

The Empire’s princess has never been allowed off-planet, and her sheltered life has given way to her secret alter-ego: romance novelist. When an attack on her mother’s court goes haywire, Sapphira escapes with a rogue android and a chance at life out in the Empire — if she can shake the blame for the attack that’s fallen on her head. Romancing the Stone in space.


Some girls drown broken hearts in music and reckless nights. 18-year-old Elowen marks the occasion with her first tattoo. A kind of armor, but not because Matthias was the mythical “one.” El’s heartbreak is instead from sharing her deepest truth with him — the secret she’s never even told her best friend. Not after the trouble it caused her parents as a child. Elowen knew better, but the pull was strong, and Matthias’ reaction left her more alone than ever.

Since age three, Elowen’s dreamt of a woman named Storie. She’s watched Storie’s daily life unfold like a serial drama, full of strange creatures, court intrigues, and unimaginable pain. With El’s beloved step-dad Lyle dead and her mum back in London for work, she’s been left to board with her best friend in Cornwall, and she’s known no other constant in life — none, except Storie.

With fresh ink, she visits the forest pool she and Lyle discovered together, and a botched attempt at hiding from Matthias’s new girlfriend lands Elowen in the water. Afterwards, she discovers a strange color on her scalp. Panicking over bacteria, she cuts off some hair to have a better look, and then — via one razor and an iron will — a shaved head reveals a four-inch symbol tattooed on her scalp. One she most definitely didn’t choose.

Chased by folktales made flesh straight out of Storie’s realm, Elowen’s ability to tell dreams from life slips, and her desperation grows; she must uncover the truth of her childhood illness, her parents’ separation, and her ink’s origins before the world inside her threatens to break free from its weakening cage.

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