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My short story, RECKONER, (under the name C.L. Campbell) can be found in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology. This is a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some lovely author friends of mine like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it’s available NOW!

Here’s a little trailer I had way too much fun making for the story:

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A SONG OF NEVERSEA is adult epic fantasy, and was long-listed for the UK’s Adventures in Fiction 2016 Spotlight First Novel competition.

When a male siren’s song lures 27-year-old Luma from Cornwall to his realm, she must prove to a corrupt kingdom that she’s not an omen of their extinction.

The eerie beings that plague Luma Grey’s peripheral vision have gone from terrifying to tiresome. Sporadic interruption by otherworldly faces isn’t exactly conducive to love and life success. After her latest fresh start is sabotaged by her eerie malady, she investigates an abandoned mineshaft to prove her career ladder commitment. But underground, the visions overwhelm her. Awakening in darkness, she exits the mine to find herself not on the Cornish seaside, but beside a barrow in an unfamiliar wood.

Luma’s entered Eidolia, home to a species of magical creatures who believe they’re fated to perish at humankind’s hands. Many whisper that Luma’s a harbinger of their pending doom. After all, she penetrated the sealed barrier between the human and eidol realms. In a bankrupt and beleaguered kingdom, Luma’s given two options to prevent civil war: deadly exile, or incarceration.

Instead, she flees on the back of a capricious cockatrice harboring his own secret stake in her safety. When Luma learns that an Eidolian siren’s song is responsible for her lifelong visions, suddenly returning home isn’t enough. The truth behind his song means Luma’s freedom hinges on a different choice: fighting for Eidolia’s survival to ensure her own, or becoming the death knell they believe her to be.

 is YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist.

The day 18-year-old Bryn MacBride finds the door in the ground should be the best day of her life. After four years as assistant historian in her isolated commune of Cimmersea, she’s finally unearthed something to justify her apprenticeship alongside her best friend and mentor, Thomas. But hours after informing him, Bryn returns to find their museum — with its generations of research and artifacts —  burning to ash. With Thomas inside.

Clutching all that remains of Thomas’s work, Bryn runs to the door in the ground, desperate to keep Thomas’s final discovery safe from those who want truth silenced. But in the forgotten London Underground, she encounters a history she never imagined beneath Cimmersea’s bones, and when she emerges, she’s in 1692.

Among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, she must untangle Cimmersea’s dark link to the past while questioning everything her hero believed. The freedom of the hills and a mysterious soldier breathe life into Bryn’s bewildered heart, but the bloody Glencoe Massacre is coming. Caught between saving her future and changing the past, Bryn must decide where her devotion lies, and which secrets should be left untold.

Current Works-in-progress:


SAPPHIRA RISING is adult space opera.

The Empire’s heir has never been allowed outside homeworld’s capital city, and her sheltered life has given way to her secret alter-ego: adventure novelist. When a terrorist attack devastates her mother’s court and kills the Empress, Sapphira escapes with the criminal mastermind behind an illegal off-world transport company for a chance at freedom  — if she can shake the blame for the attack that’s fallen on her head. But with freedom comes awareness of the corruption beyond her prison bars. And no steamy interplanetary plot device will deliver her from the destiny her family set in motion at the Empire’s conception. Romancing the Stone in space.


Some girls bury broken hearts in music and reckless nights, but 18-year-old Elowen marks the occasion with her first tattoo, a reminder to be strong . . . and silent. Matthias wasn’t the mythical “one,” but she foolishly told him the secret she’s never even told her best friend Brie. Since childhood, Elowen’s vivid dreams have followed the daily life of a woman named Storie, unfolding like a serial drama in another world rife with court intrigue, powerful beings called eidols, and relatable hurts. A world that’s felt more real to Elowen than hers.

But bad things happened the first time she spoke of Storie: her family broke apart. This time, her relationship ends, but that’s not all. News reports show a woman killed by a fantastical being — an eidol, from Elowen’s dreams.

Around the same time, a mark appears on Elowen’s head. A razor reveals an intricate tattoo, like a constellation across her scalp. Ink she didn’t choose.

Now the creatures from Elowen’s dreams chase her through her once-safe streets of Falmouth, Cornwall. When the media reports dozens of similar beings roaming ancient sites around the globe, Elowen sets off to unearth her ink’s origins — and the link to Storie’s realm — before anyone else gets hurt. Her quest leads to a secret society that will explain her tattoo, if she’ll abandon her old life forever. If not, she must learn what message Storie is trying to send — and who’s side she’s on — before the world inside Elowen breaks free from its weakening cage.

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  1. Is there a way to order your books? I can’t find it anywhere online. I am in the U.S., so I don’t know if that is affecting my ability to find it.

    1. Hi Kat!

      At this time, the only one of these that’s available to purchase is my short story, Reckoner, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology. I’ve just updated this page so there are links to Amazon for that story, as well as a trailer — but thank you so much for your interest, and keep your eyes peeled for more news! 🙂

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