A month later; or I married my Scottish prince in a castle, and now I’m ridiculously behind on blogging. :)

This is why I’ve been away. Proof I’ve not just been lazy 😉

It’s been awhile since my last post and I want to thank every person who kindly posted encouragement, support, and well wishes for the wedding and my time away. It was absolutely awesome. We had the best weather imaginable (85 degrees and sunny in Scotland. Unheard of!); my mother and sisters and aunt came, as well as some friends from England, Scotland, and as far away as California, and a lot of us had some time before the wedding day to spend either in London or up north together. The only thing I wish was that I’d had more time to spend with everyone who travelled so far, who I miss, and that was the only hard part about getting on a plane to Corfu at 8:30 in the morning the day after the wedding. 🙂 The ceremony was short and sweet, the minister lovely, Andy the piper played the songs I requested absolutely beautifully, and marched us back up the aisle to Scotland the Brave at the ceremony’s end.

We had a fantastic week of relaxing in Corfu, which I highly recommend. I’m not very good at relaxing, it turns out, especially after 5 months of wedding planning, so it took me about 4 days to actually realise it was perfectly acceptable – expected, even – to do nothing but lie in the sun, read, sleep, eat, and drink cocktails by the pool. I got into the swing of that REALLY well in the last few days. Then we topped off our honeymoon with a few days hiking in the Cairngorms in the Highlands, and a visit to Inverness and Culloden Battlefield. (Not very romantic, that last bit, but in a very strange kind of way, to those of you who’ve read any Diana Gabaldon books…).

So now I’m back, and have finally (more or less) caught up on unpacking, thank-yous, name change stuff and a full inbox. Now it’s time to get back to job hunting, and writing of course. On my to-do list is to migrate to wordpress.org and host my blog somewhere externally – which I’m hoping to do this week. That means a venue and name change! I think it will be cheyennecampbell.com, but I’m still deciding. I hope anyone following my blog will follow me when I move!

And I promise my next post will be less a list of reasons why I’ve been away, and more about writing. Thanks for reading! Hope YOU had a fabulous May/start of June!


Mrs. Campbell


The venue, Broomhall Castle in Menstrie, outside Stirling, Scotland.
Me with the incredible piper, Andy Ward.
The cake topper, made and hand-delivered by my amazing friend Amanda, whom I met and lived with in California, who is from Manchester, England, who now lives in Mississippi Seattle.
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6 thoughts on “A month later; or I married my Scottish prince in a castle, and now I’m ridiculously behind on blogging. :)

  1. How gorgeous – and you look beautiful! I’m so glad you had such a great day. Congratulations! It’s good to see you back on the hashtag. 🙂

  2. Congrats! You’ve been busy getting married, I’ve been busy getting our new house ready to move into!

    Your pictures (and you!) are absolutely lovely, and I’ve definitely got to make a trip to Scotland now.

    Sounds like you had just the luck my hubby and I did – we were married January 5, 2008, about a month after the huge ice storm that annihilated Oklahoma (our church lost power for two weeks, it was restored just days before the wedding), and it turned into 70 degrees and sunny that day!

    1. Excellent! Busy time… I bet your writing has gone much more successfully than mine in the midst of it all, though! (Eeks.. definitely going to remedy that very soon. ONE writing day this week so far 🙁

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! 😀 Scotland is truly a beautiful place – and even more so if you can manage to snag some gorgeous summery weather like we did! But it’s beautiful any time of year. Just… sometimes more stark and “ruggedly beautiful” than others 😉

      We totally shared good wedding-weather fortune!! In March this year, the UK had a very early mini-summer – shorts and tshirts weather – and then April and up until the week prior to the wedding, it was rainy, windy, and wintry. The wedding and reception were inside the same building, so I wasn’t concerned with the weather and figured if we had rain, it didn’t matter. So the sun and warmth was such a nice icing-on-the-cake surprise 🙂 While I’m a total summer person, I can’t complain. If we don’t get any more summery weather here this year, I’ll still smile at how grateful I am we had it that week!

  3. I can’t believe you got married in a castle! *is insanely jealous* Congratulations and best wishes! You both look so happy. 🙂

    And congrats on the partial requests. And although rejections suck, I’m glad to hear it was a helpful one – it helps lessen the sting.

    1. Thanks so much, Jocelyn! 🙂 I can’t believe I did, either… When we started out planning our (very small) wedding, we wanted it to be simple, fun, and laid-back. I started looking at small hotels in Scotland near my husband’s mum, and they were all asking upwards of £10k!! I then just started a Google maps search around the area, found this castle which has been turned into a small hotel, and their prices were not to be believed 🙂 So we were just really, really lucky! And we are very happy 😀 It was such a fun day, wish we could do it over and over 😉

      I take it as a good sign that my most recent rejection was the most helpful to date. Still means there’s work to be done, but I think I knew that anyway…

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